National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry Seal

By Tawatha Valentine

Imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island; all alone in seclusion.  Unlike the fun scenarios posed in high school cafeterias, you didn’t have the option of picking your favorite book or cd to bring with you.  Just you, the great outdoors and a soccer ball that you’ve named Wilson.  Now imagine that you’ve just had a great dinner at your favorite restaurant with all of your friends.  You just finished laughing at the best joke you’ve ever heard (in your entire life) when your waitress walks up with a look of concern on her face.  She bends over and whispers four words of social death in your ear: “Your card was declined”… declined…declined…declined…declined (yes, that was an echo).  At that very instance, everyone at the table darts their eyes directly at you because your formerly amazing waitress doesn’t exactly understand the definition of a whisper.

Where would you rather be? Sitting in a seat of social flames with six sets of eyes glued on you while you pick dust out of your pockets because clearly there is no sign of cash within your reach, or having a slightly deranged conversation with your best friend, Wilson the Soccer Ball on a deserted island?  I for one, pick Wilson—partly as an ode to Tom Hanks.  Nevertheless, I’ve been in scenario two and it isn’t as fun as reading an enhanced hypothetical.  You know what I could have used in that situation? That’s right!  I could have used a nice chunk of change in the form of a short-term financing.  The benefit of that loan for me could have been the difference between complete embarrassment and social domination!  Well, maybe not quite so drastic, but I think you get the point.  Relieving myself from terrible embarrassment in front of my friends—the social elite, of course—is not the only benefit of a short term-loan.

Consider this hypothetical (slightly less  dramatic): You wake up one morning, shower, brush your teeth, look at your hair in the mirror and decide today is going to be your just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-didn’t-do-my-hair-but-I-still-look-hot-in-an-emo-girl-kind-of-way-day and decide not to touch your hair with a brush, eat some breakfast and stroll down your walkway to your red-hot Corvette.  Ok, it’s a beat up grey Kia but you love it regardless.  You hop in your old faithful, put the key in the ignition and Ole Bertha decides it’s her day off and she ain’t going anywhere.  Your mind races, you curse the day you decided to live off campus and… bing. A little light bulb goes off.  You may be out of money—due to several consecutive nights of wild partying—and your next paycheck may be 5 long days out of reach BUT you remembered this advertisement about short-term financing from Payday loans. That’s the loan that is going to help pay for you and Ole Bertha to get back on the road.

The list of reasons why short-term financing can benefit someone’s life is endless.  These reasons include but are not limited too:

  • You don’t want to look cheap or broke in front of your friends.  Short-term financing will help you pay for your dinner tonight, go out partying, go to the movies, etc, etc.
  • Helps you make better choices.  The last 89 cents in your pocket for a fast-food surprise meat taco or the ability to spare an extra $4 for a fresh deli salad?
  • Covers emergency expenses when payday is too far away. Keep Ole Bertha on the road.  She loves the wide open spaces.
  • Deters from the credit card plague.  A one time short-term loan or a lifetime of debt due to your inability to control your urges to swipe.
  • It’s a fast process.  Rather than applying for a standard loan, which can take weeks, you’ll have money within hours to take care of business.
  • You feel good about yourself.  Nothing worse than begging your parents for two days straight trying to get some extra needed cash.  Now you can get cash without graveling. Who’s ballin’ now?
  • Start building your credit.  Sounds like a really adult thing to do, huh? Well, guess what?  You actually are an adult and you’ll definitely need established credit if you ever decide to ditch Ole Bertha for your dream Corvette.

Of course there are more reasons but I’m sure with all the examples laid forth, you can come up with several fun hypotheticals of your own.

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