National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Gregory Sales

Short term financing is a valuable tool to have. It is sad how undervalued this skill is in society. Short term financing can set you up for long term success. It is so vital to living that is can be the difference between you having a good job to work with or having to scramble to survive. In my experience short term financing is a hard thing to do because there is so much temptation in everyday life that may cause you to spend money you know you need to save for your future.

I had accumulated a good deal of money I planned on using to go to school over the last few years; storing away fifty percent of whatever I made into an account I set up especially for my schooling, However the opportunity presented itself in the form of the newest game system at the time; an Xbox 360. Of course all my friends were getting one so I decided that I should get one also. It is hard to stop spending money once you have it in your possession. As you know, it is very hard to just stop at buying ONE thing; an Xbox became more games, more controllers, and more money being spent on accessories. Before I knew what was going on I had exhausted nearly eighty-five percent of the money that I had saved for school after High School. It is hard to finance carefully for the future. I had that money set in the account for post-secondary school and emergency that may arise.

Short term financing can set you up for a long term financing program. If you can learn to invest a smaller amount of cash into something then the long term productions could be well worth the small amount you invested early. The short term financing can provide funds or currency for more pleasurable things once what you have to take care of is handled. I was once offered the opportunity to participate in an event out of my home state in an effort for scholarships upon graduation. The only stitch in the plan was my money, as the trip was all self-paid; this means the event holder was not giving out any money for the travel. As I had spent much of my money on things that did not matter in the long term I was forced to decline the invitation. Out of the sixty thousand people to apply for the convention only one-hundred were chosen. If I had done short term financing better then the opportunities that opened up for me unexpectedly would be more likely to come to fruition.

Many things you do always seem JUST out of reach and you talk about all the things that you could do if only you could get this or that. The financial burden of this talk is often made moot because it is so hard to finance short term investments so that they may benefit you in the long term. People need to open their eyes to the fact that short term financing isn’t an activity to be cursed or blown off; I have first hand experience of what happens when you choose to blow off a long term opportunity just because you think something else will be better and that you can “make up the difference later.” Many do not see what I mean by this, however all I am saying is that the bottom line of everything is that short term financing is the most valuable skill for young people; no, EVERYONE to learn if they wish to be successful. You find that short term financing often times provides the most effective method of preparing for your long term success.

Seldom do opportunities like being picked out of a field of one thousand for a job, a scholarship or anything of the sort; when the opportunity arises, if you have managed your finances right you can capitalize on it. Do not get me wrong this type of financing is not easy to learn, much less so to master; but I can confidently say that I have become so much better about managing my money since I experienced the let-down that came with spending all my money on unnecessary things that only satisfy the present needs and does not provide long term benefits.

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