National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Francisco Lopez

It used to be that their van rides home were quite boisterous. My oldest son, Tyler, always called shotgun and blasted the radio. My daughter Samantha and my son Phillip didn’t care. They’re twins and since birth they always got along. Their new favorite car game was tag and they would play the whole ride home.  My wife always picked up the kids from school. She would use the ride home to call me at work and we never used to consider taking out a payday loan. That’s the way it used to be. Now, the car is silent. When my wife picks up the kids they each sit down, buckle up, and look out the window towards the sky. They’re not in trouble, they just miss me.

Last spring, on the way back from our yearly family trip to the beach our lives changed. Tyler was just like me. He did well in school, liked to play baseball, and had many friends. He was accepted at the University of California-Berkley so we had a lot to celebrate. I let him drive us to the beach and I was going to drive us back. After a great day at the beach, we stopped by a BBQ place on the way home. I had a few beers with dinner so my wife offered to drive. She didn’t want to give Tyler the idea that it was okay to drink and drive.  I’m glad she did because I would not have wanted
the events that followed to occur to her.

We were hit crossing an intersection, from the passenger side. The driver had a heart attack minutes earlier, ending his life and leaving the vehicle out of anyone’s control. For some reason I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. I was badly injured and I took a last look at my family. As I looked at my son he could see that I was proud of him for the man he was becoming and that in this moment I needed him to be strong. He understood, went to the back of the van and embraced my youngest two kids, telling them that daddy was going to be okay. I felt the life start to leave my body. With my last words I told my family I loved them and begged them to keep living life.

Since then Tyler started college, the twins were starting fourth grade, and my wife received a promotion at work. They have cherished my memory by continuing with their lives. Springtime was here and I was with them in spirit everywhere they went. Tyler wanted to go to the beach this weekend like they had every year passed. My wife knew that it would be good for the twins to continue the routine and show them that daddy wanted them to continue their lives, because though he wasn’t there in person his spirit always would be.

The only problem was that with Tyler’s summer tuition being due that Friday, and lack of financial aid for the summer term, they would have to pay out of pocket. I left them well off, and they could afford to pay for the classes, but her paycheck wouldn’t arrive until the following week. They would have to choose between a weekend the beach and Tyler’s education.

My wife had learned about payday loans from a friend at work. She was against the idea until she saw an advertisement about them in her e-mail. It was the slogan that got her attention, “Payday loans let you keep living life!” With a few easy steps she applied for a Payday loan. That Friday, she rounded up the kids and took them to the pier where my ashes were spread into the water and had a fun filled day they needed to get away and that loan helped them do it.

The short term financing she received allowed my family to cherish my memory, it allowed my son to continue his education  in the summer, and most importantly it allowed them to keep living life without the stress of not having enough money at the moment to continue living the life that they had while I was still there Most importantly I feel that my wife and kids got to know that I love them and will always be with them and that in the event of a devastating event it is okay to ask for help and to keep living life.

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