National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Michaela Fisher

Financing may benefit a person’s life extraordinarily, in almost a domino affect. Financing is crucial in this day and age. I have started saving my money ever since I was a little girl. Anytime I would get birthday money, Christmas money, money from chores, or even my spending money, I would put it in the bank. Although I love to buy new things, I like knowing my future will be set also. I know for a little girl that sounds kind of peculiar, but I see affects of being in debt and I know I do not want to be there. It is not necessarily how much money you have saved, but rather the will power to keep yourself from spending money on frivolous things. Money is not everything, but it sure does make living a whole lot easier.

Money affects us in all different ways. I am being affected by money as we speak. I type this essay hoping to get a scholarship that will help paying for college a little easier. Money affects our actions every day. Money does lead to a domino affect, positively and even sometimes negatively. Money helps pay for college, college helps us find a job, a job leads to a profession, and our profession provides us with money, money provides for our families. Money has a great affect on our success and failure in life. Instead of saving up money to go to college, one may need to go straight in to the work force; never getting a college education, never finding a job they enjoy, and not being able to provide for their family. As you can see, money does have a domino affect.

Financing helps you avoid the sticky situations. Rather than paying loans and being in debt you could be investing and increasing the amount of money you already have. People are faced with unexpected circumstances everyday. Saving your money helps ensure that when emergencies come up, you can still provide for the ones you love. My dad has inspired me in this area and is a great example to me. My father has had great success, as he has worked hard for many years to provide. With hard work, dedication, and the will power to succeed he has been able to bless many people’s lives.

In my mind, blessing the ones you love comes back to be a blessing on your life. With the financial means to be able to help someone else out, it is hard to let that opportunity to pass by. I know you are probably thinking if he has the ability to help others out why is he not paying for your college? Well I am my father’s daughter-independent, self-motivated, and willing to work hard to achieve my goals. It can be hard applying for scholarships when my probability of getting the scholarship is unlikely, because of my father’s income. However, I will overcome the obstacles, as I am determined to go to a great college through hard work and dedication to my studies.

I tend to think that the peculiar girl you heard about earlier may be on a better track than most. Even if it was short term finance, it has taught her how to be responsible with her money and helps her see a wise choice at a young age can go a very long way. Money is not everything as I said before, but it definitely does help. I hope my writing will inspire you and money will have another domino affect on my life, towards the next step in my college education.

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