By: Kimmie Rodriguez

I am a student, here for the same reason everyone else is: we all want to go to school, but we need the funds to achieve it. And though there are countless websites out there offering scholarships, grants, loans to help us through it, many of us have learned from experience not to believe everything you read on the Internet. It’s equivalent to the “don’t take candy from a stranger” mentality we all grew up with, or at least heard once in our lifetimes. So you can imagine my frustration having to go from website to website warily, filling out applications and filing out survey’s for potential funding for my academic future. There are many appealing headlines that may or may not have caught attention of a few us. Anything that screams “money for school” would probably have many struggling students like myself racing to find out how to sign up. If we are one of the smarter ones, we will probably look past just the first appearance. Of course, we would want to know specifics of the loan: interest, the time it will take to repay, etc. It is definitely not an easy thing to come about.

When it comes to loans, it is always scary to consider where the money comes from, as well as how you can even fathom to pay it back, especially if it is a high amount. This will be my very first time taking out a loan, and there is still quite a bit to learn the ins and outs of it. When it comes to payday loans, I can say that, from what I have researched, they may be one of the better websites I have seen and one that I have given, if not all, of my trust to. Suddenly, taking candy from a stranger has now become accepting candy from a grandmother, or someone else in your life that only wants to take care of you. Someone who wants you to succeed and willing to help you every single step of the way. Pay day loans seem to be the best option for a student like myself, because it is a loan you can rely on to get you what you need when you need it. And it helps that they are pretty specific with working with students.

Okay, so many loan websites could “guarantee” all of these things. What makes these loans so different? I would like to think it’s their dedication to keeping your information safe and their willingness to work with you, rather than against you. There is no standard for everyone; it is unique to the particular person wanting the loan. They also understand that, under some circumstances, it isn’t always the best interest to wait to give out these loans. If there is anyone out there in the world like myself, they would know that, sometimes, we can get a little sidetracked with other responsibilities, and many things can fall in the cracks of numerous deadlines. With the same day cash option, it’s easy to get the cash you need at almost the moment you need it. It’s simple and self-explanatory as well. And with their speedy attitude being important to students, they also understand that approval from other lenders might be too specific for certain people. They offer almost immediate approval, with not too many restrictions towards many people. All in all, a lot of this has to do with making it convenient to as many people possible.

Though I have yet to take out a pay day loan, I can definitely say it is one of my highest contenders for the funding of my future career. Getting the chance to speak to representatives and read other students’ success stories really helps me believe that these loans are effective and fair. I with great success to all the students taking out these loans, as well as a great educational future.

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