National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Karen Sandoval

With the economy not being as top notch people have to manage their expenses carefully. Even with close budgeting people may come up short for important payments. Any type of short-term financing I believe can completely change someone’s life. I will discuss three hypothetical situations (although they can be very true) where short-term financing has helped someone’s life turn three hundred sixty degrees better.

Let’s being with the most common situation for students, tuition! Many students have worked hard to gain local grants and scholarships and that may not be enough. Some students have to find jobs and sacrifice time and sleep in order to pay for school. I believe that short-term finance can help students focus more on their education than on their debt. It’s not easy carrying a burden, especially when it’s economic and you have school work to complete on top of it. Sometimes students start school, but financial aid has not been processed yet and in that case a short-term loan is essential, any aid that can cover costs and be paid back quick will help any student start off their semester without worrying about getting kicked out for not paying.

Well maybe you are not a student, which still doesn’t mean you don’t have debt. A common situation now-a-day in the housing market, families have to compete with rising prices and their mortgage. Even with one missed payment bills can pile up. Most families have lived in their home for a five or six years and being foreclosed on a short notice is not fair. In this situation short-term financing would be extremely helpful. Everyone has the great chance of things happening, importance expenses such as hospital, car repair and school. With short-term financing families will be able to catch up with their house payments and other expenses. Also if they are going to a hardship it will relieve some burden until they can become stable again in their expenses.

Okay, I’m not going to lie, but the following story I have seen on comic websites. Really thinking about it, it is something plausible and proves how financial aid can completely turn around someone’s Life. You are driving down the interstate and you see a homeless person begging for change. You probably already have a visual in your head. Well, what do you do? When people hear of “financing” they might think loans or scholarships in order to pay off for school or mortgage. Well what if someone has was let go of their job and they were searching for another job? What is they have paid their important expenses such as car or housing, but didn’t have enough for items such as food or hygienic products? Think about it, what if the person on the corner has been let go of their job, cannot find another and was forced to turn to begging to help cut small expenses such as food? Your are probably thinking that this isn’t funny, and well really it isn’t. The reason it was on those comic websites was because there was a celebrity whom looked like the homeless person I described earlier and with enough change in his cup he was able to buy a razor which helped him looked clean and tidy in a suit he had which then helped him get a job. Yes, long comic, but really thinking about it could be true. Some people may be forced to go into begging for money near their home. Short-term financing here is super important. If someone is behind a couple of bucks and they don’t have a job, just enough money can help them get by and get a job to secure their finances.

Everyone at some point needs some sort of financial help. If it’s to manage, secure or just get money. I believe that short-term financing can really help someone. If the person is determined to change their situation (if its foreclosure, behind tuition payments or current looking for a job) everyone needs a boost to keep going, as long as the person will reach security soon (getting job, or paycheck soon) then everyone should be able to have financial aid. Everyone will always have a payment waiting, but with help there should be no worries. The only thing we should worry on is if we are determined to change our situation, have a goal to reach, and is working hard to prosper. With these qualities short-term financing is helpful and with just a boost someones Life can change for the better and help them work towards thier goal!

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