National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Nicholas Olmeda

Occasionally, college students in the workforce have a payday where they feel a sense of stability and security as they open their checks. As the moment hits its peak they began to realize there is a phone bill payment due or their car is barely going to make it out of the parking lot unless they make it to the nearest gas station. This shift of emotions totally ruins the excitement of receiving a paycheck knowing that it will all be gone within a couple hours. Money is surely not everything, but money surely does make someone’s day run much smoother than the rest.

Short-term decisions do hold an extensive impact on long-term success. Which leads to the ultimate saying that time is precious. With that said, here is why I am spending valuable time trying to enter a contest which I am sure thousands of students are thinking to themselves that I am the one who is going to win even though in reality their chances are very slim.

Short-term financing may be nothing to some and may be everything to others. I stand on the grounds that a sweet short bonus in my finances would open avenues to not only opportunities but also become beneficial to my success as a whole. It is has been proven in many instances in where a dream chaser has been given financial assistance and has made the best of it, which explains the example of kids who come from privation and have altered the course of their families legacy by utilizing the aid through schooling of any kind. I am that dream chaser and I wish to change my family’s legacy! Everybody who ever became great was a nobody who one day decided to be a somebody. Although this expression may sound cliché, I have taken that step and whole heartily do believe this hand up not hand out would bless my life also those surrounded by me.

With a short-term financing I as a young adult, college student, entrepreneur and summer along with after school counselor would be able to complete a number of stressful situations! To began I would be able to fix my car which constantly has me over the edge as to worrying if the car is going to break down on me in the middle of the street; having it personally happen before an exam does add an extra amount of stress. Second, I would be able to afford practice books and other assistance programs when purchasing my books for the semester. I always seem to want to buy these fill in practice books but financially I only have enough to purchase the necessary for a course; this allows me limited understanding in the course even though I spend hours on end with just the original textbook for the class and also seek tutoring. In my more difficult courses these methods land me with a B but I am almost positive that if I were to receive the supplemental material it would push me to an A. Finally, I am sure that this aid would relieve me some time to spend more on my education. My job does take up a large amount of my time which leaves me to study at midnight with a red bull in one hand and a bunch of papers scattered around me.

Without a doubt I am sure any college student would love a short-term financial bonus, how in the world would someone lose from gaining it. But how one uses it is the real question; I defiantly would appreciate every penny of a short-term financing along with acknowledging and giving thanks to whom I was receiving the help from. It’s along the same lines as giving an athlete the most top of the line equipment to play with. Hey, the athlete may take the fresh gear with open arms even though there is a possibility they may not even perform at a higher level. Life is beautiful and is filled with beautiful people; it is so securing to know that there is help out there and that not all humanity is selfish.

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