National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Jordan Hause

I moved to Florida two years ago to follow a dream; a dream of becoming a fitness coach helping people. I moved to Florida knowing no one leaving all my family and friends behind. I moved down here to better myself, but instead I have run into finical issues. When I first moved down here I applied to over fifteen places and taco bell was the only place to hire me. So, you can imagine living on your own making 7.68 an hour is very tough, especially when you’re trying to go to college. All I do is work 40 hours a week at this job and in my free time volunteer at my church working with the kid’s football program and I also help do security for my church because it is rather large. Helping me with this payday would be simply. It would help me get one more step closer to my dream. To my dream of helping people in the health field improving lives and overall saving them from bad health decisions.

Today looking at our nation as a whole it is the most obese nation. And if we do not educate people at a young age, led by example for the next generation then what are we truly here for in the beginning? We all have a purpose in life. Some people’s purposes are greater than others. But, I believe that my purpose on this earth is to serve. Serve as in helping the less fortunate get back on their feet with words of encouragement and praise of the word of God and what better for myself to learn a piece of this humbleness by being able to receive a scholarship so amazing as this to help myself pay for part of my college, so that I may be able to get some sleep at night and not work more hours in the day bending over backward hoping that I will be able to get into college and not be faced to stay working the job I am now and have to give up on my dreams of helping people.

Being the youngest of three and also being the first to leave the house is not easy. It is actually quit scary. It is hard because you do not have any older siblings or anyone else to look up too for words of encouragement. Telling you this is or that or what you should or should not do. So, I moved down here looking for the better life, away from friends that were alcoholics, friends that thought drugs were the key to having fun, friends thinking sex was the coolest thing ever and partying all night was the only way to actually meeting people. When I moved down here I thought I was running away from all that. Too were in an instance I thought Florida did not have people like this that it would not fallow me, but it did. Once I got down here I fell into all the same temptation and with working a minimum wage job it catches up to you very fast.

I will be a junior this year in college. I have paid my way this entire time. I have never applied for a scholarship until this one. I have told myself I would never try and get loans, get handouts from anyone. I thought that I would do it all on my own and take pride in it that I did not have to apply for a scholarship or ask anyone for money, but today I come to you as a humble man. Asking for some help to help me follow my dream in helping the less fortunate like myself today.

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