National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Kiara Meddleton

“Money? Money? Lets go shopping!” This is the noise I heard every morning my mother got paid. She be dancing around the room doing her version of the 1980’s Running Man. This day always put a simile on our faces knowing that we can have a day to pamper ourselves. My mom being a single mother of two deserved it and still do. I was born and raised in Brooklyn all my life and moved around from neighborhood to neighborhood more times to count. Sadly, our monthly shopping days came to an abrupt end sometime last year. After my mother lost her job our family has been struggling. My mom my now two-year-old brother and I are barely making it by. For after paying the bills and the rent and grocery shopping our money is partially gone. The terms pampering ourselves are never spoken of anymore.

Now the question of how can short-term financing of any kind benefit a person’s life has many different answers. For me this will take a lot of stress off my mom’s back and me. For my mom is still searching for jobs and I am trying to find work as well. But as any teenager should know its hard to find employment at this age when many are scared to hire you since if you are attending school you aren’t available at many hours a day. The chance of some money coming in can help me with my college fees as well. For I would need transportation fare and money for textbooks. Not even mentioning tuition fees. For I know many people in today America is struggling and trying to make ends meet. For what can make my family stand out is up to you the reader to see that we indeed do. For I miss the days when I did not feel the weight of not having the money I am accustomed to.

For this short-term financing can help me with my dream of earning my PH.D in forensic psychology at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Psychology is where my heart is. Even as a little girl I enjoyed getting into people minds and trying to figure out why they did the things they did. I remember the million questions I asked my mother in private after someone did or said something I didn’t quite understand. Trying to improve my vocabulary by asking my mom to define words for me. Back then and still now I see my mom as the smartest person in the world. For she was the one who taught me the principle of always going after something you love in life. For I hope to pass this wisdom on to everyone reading this that you never have true happiness if you are not working on something you love to do.

Speaking of love, as always people in today’s society love and enjoy the pleasure of money. With it come rewards and privileges. Which can be as small as having takeout for dinner or as big as buying your first house. Some people take these benefits for granted and use it for the evil of greed. For stealing and being selfish towards there families and using the money only for themselves. For example, when my mother lost her job, my uncle a man who had a good job with a good salary chose to bail out on us. For he always used to visit us and eat dinner with us for now as we see as a free meal. My mother who drives will pick him up and drop him off to places as a favor towards him. After our money ran low we haven’t seen or heard from my uncle for almost a year now. Being ungrateful and a user towards your own family made me lose a lot of respect for this man. Acting like that when I have my own money in my pocket THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR ME!

Hopefully, soon I can again hear the cheerful chants of my mother on her paydays. Actually since I am getting older I would love to be the one waking my mom up shouting “MONEY MONEY” at the top of my lungs. To spin around my little brother and have a family trio day to pamper ourselves. For I love short-term financing and/or long-term as well and won’t take this opportunity for granted.

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