National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Brandi Welch

Have you ever had a dream that you couldn’t stop chasing? Or maybe a dream you only wished you could chase. Many people today live in fear to chase their dream if they believe it is out of their financial reach. They let the excuse of today’s economy hold them down. Everyone forgets that it has always taken that leap of faith with short-term financing to go after that dream. Your dreams are only as big as you let them be. If you dream of going to school to get a higher education or starting a personal business like Mary Kay, we all have a different path to get take to get where we want to go. Most hide when they see that they’ll need financial assistance. Don’t give up; if you do then what are you working towards in life, what is keeping you going?

Short-term finance according to the Financial Dictionary is defined as, “Referring to any investment, financial plan, or anything else lasting for one year or less.” Short term financing has many forms, restaurants and businesses may use them to pay the wages of their employees or a company may use it to order products for them to sell and make a profit on for. Personal use for short-term finances maybe when a family purchases a computer and finances it into payments they’ll make throughout the year, they may use it for a car that can and will be paid off in a short amount of time, typically five years or less (“Short-term”), or use it to start a personal business such as direct sales with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

For Andrea Whitcomb a short-term finance would be life changing. She took her leap of faith with her third direct selling company Mary Kay while she was barely making ends meet with her commission only desk job being a financial advisor. Using short term financing allowed Andrea to fully start up her new direct selling business to follow her new company’s philosophy “Enriching Women’s Lives”. Andrea’s determination to change her financial status showed in her personal Mary Kay business, she was able to quit her desk job, and allowed her husband to quit his job so he could start up his own business.

Both Andrea and her husband Wesley worked from home allowing them to spend quality time with their new born son Wes. When Wes was just six months old he past away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Andrea and her husband were devastated. She wanted to quit her company and life. There were more than 450 Mary Kay Consultants at her son’s funeral, she knew she couldn’t give up on “family” her Mary Kay business; her and her husband would also need the income. In life you have to pivot sometimes; Andrea referred to an episode of Friends, specifically the one when Ross, Chandler, and Rachel are trying to move a couch up the stairwell and Ross is yelling PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT and they don’t, getting the couch stuck. Andrea says, “When you allow yourself to get stuck and don’t pivot in life you get others stuck and prevent them from their potential as well.”

If she had not taken a short term finance to re-secure her life and chase the life style she wanted she wouldn’t have been able to spend quality time with her new born son, seeing his first smile and hearing his first words. Twenty days after her son’s passing she found out she was pregnant with her daughter Hope. The personal business she has been building allowed her to take an entire month off and still receive a paycheck when her daughter needed to have open heart surgery. Andrea knows life can get tough but has been raised to not quite mid season, she knows you have got to pivot sometimes in life.(Whitcomb)

For me short-term financing has helped me purchase my car and computer; both items are very beneficial for a young workaholic college student to posses. Being able to have short term financing these items allowed me to make payments to pay them off, making the purchase reasonable for me. Even if you have all the money saved up sometimes spending it all at once is not the most comfortable option, as there can be many surprises in life. Being able to make payments allowed me to continue saving up money for other life necessities. I could also rest at ease knowing if an emergency came up, such as a repair needing to be done on the car or a bill was higher than expected I could take care of it. Making payments also allowed me to chase and achieve other dreams and goals of mine. To travel and spend more time with my friends and family, the lesson that tomorrow is not guaranteed is one I’ve had to experience with friends around me that I never dreamed of having to learn.

Short term financing has made it possible for me to be able to enjoy those I have in my life a little easier by allowing me to have more financial freedom. Short-term financing maybe scary for some but it can do so much for a person. Andrea thought she was just using it to start her business on the right foot, little did she know she was working to secure a standing in her business that would allow her to take the time she needed later down the road. For me it meant being able to continue living life while making payments for the items I needed. Remember when life gets tough you have to pivot, not stay stuck and block others from their full potential.

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