National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Meredith Macaluso

Many of us have heard the word short-term financing when planning for the future. But, what exactly is short-term financing? While many of us may think that this term means not being able to purchase any of the items you would like to have or do anything fun, short-term financing does not have to be that difficult. I feel that all that really needs to be done is to monitor how much spending you do, and only spend in moderation.

You can have many of the items that you would like; you just have to make sure that you don’t go wild with spending. Performing this action is extremely crucial for the future. For example, it is unwise to use all of your money up at once just to buy that brand new video game you have wanted to play or to get that pair of two hundred dollar shoes that you simply “have” to have. It is not smart to do this because this money that is being thrown away for silly items could very well be needed in the future when preparing for college.

The cost of college is expensive, especially when you take into consideration the living arrangements, parking, books, and meals that you will need. It is best to go into this chapter of your life with as much money as possible. Life after college is expensive as well. Many people will have large families. That means that instead of only having to worry about yourself; you now have to worry about providing for several people. Also, most people buy a house when they graduate from college. Houses are extremely expensive, especially at first. The expense of living is very high, and you will need to have a decent amount of money to settle into a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, it is best to save up as much as you can and be as prepared as you can be.

Think about how many people you hear about on a daily basis that supposedly do not have enough money to go to college. However, many of these people seem to have enough money to own many pointless items. Even though these people may feel pampered and content due to all the items they own, they really have a lot to be worried about because as their lives go on, they will lack a college education. This will make it difficult for them to find a job, setting them up for a life filled with struggles. They will always have that worry of “Will I be able to make my car payment this month? How about my house payment? Is the electricity at my house going to get turned off because I couldn’t pay the bill?” Would you want this to be you? Obviously you wouldn’t; no one would want that for themselves.

While life is never easy, it will be much easier if you are financially stable. You will not have to worry about half of the struggles that a person that is not financially stable will. This is why it is important to be prepared. Short-term financing is a very effective method to use in saving up and preparing for college. If you keep track of how much money you have at all times and monitor your spending with some caution, you will be much more financially prepared for the future than you would be if you just went crazy with spending. While you may not be able to have that two hundred dollar pair of shoes right now, you will have a much brighter future ahead filled with enough money to provide yourself with a comfortable life.

If you include short-term financing in your life now, you will definitely thank yourself later for the great life you now have. In conclusion, it is obvious how important it is to include short-term financing in your life now, that way you can have a future complete with all the the goals you ever wanted to achieve successfully completed.

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