National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Roderick Hardy

During this life, we constantly find ourselves in search of money; money to survive money to support others and even money to reward ourselves. In today’s society we find ourselves looking to spend exactly if not more than we actually make. But the struggle to arrive at a point where you’re making the money that you want takes some help. Short term financing is the foundation of a college student’s life. For the years spent pursuing your education you search for any possible way to not only pay for your education but also for money to live.

Many students, like myself, take out loans to help pay for their education and after the semester is paid for there is little to nothing left over to live off of. For many of us students this lack of financial supports forces us to neglect important things that many be essential to our lives such as food, transportation, and even hygiene. Short term financing can help a student like me change these things and better take care of oneself. Also, we all know it takes money to make money. Even in big businesses it takes money to build an office and staff in order to be successful. For years people have taken out loans and other forms of financing to help them follow their dreams and find success.

Short term financing can benefit a person’s life in health for everyday life, housing, and in their search for long term financing. While in undergrad I found myself suffering from the same problem many students that came before me had, finances. One of the most difficult things is to pay for school and still find money to take care of yourself physically. For four years of undergrad I survived off of the cheapest food possible, which wasn’t always the healthiest. I found myself turning in the things that I knew where good for me in exchange for what would get me by. Also, I began to turn in some of the things that I was accustomed to like liquid soap, lotion, and even deodorant. I think short term financing will allow me to get back to eating healthy and taking care of my body. It can allow me to get back to my studies and not have to focus so much on trying to make things stretch just to survive. Also, short term financing can help when it comes to housing. People everywhere fall into a bind when looking for temporary housing, such as apartments and rental properties. When attempting to occupy a space leasing offices generally ask for things like application fees, deposits, and first month’s rent in a short period of time just to get started. Short term financing can help with all the aspects that come with trying to find a place to live.

Finally, short term financing can benefit a person’s life while searching for long term financing. Anyone who has ever been on a job search knows that you will have to spend a little money to make more. In the process of finding employment you need gas to get to and from interviews as well as proper attire for those interviews. Short term financing will not only allow one to go purchase the proper attire to better qualify themselves for the job but it will allow them to have reliable transportation to arrive early for the meeting with the perspective place of employment. Short term financing is the foundation to every successful person and company. It allows us to keep up with our health, living arrangements, and search for more finances.

With short term financing people benefit by being able to sit back and focus on the things needed to be successful and not the pressures and stress of being without. It is important that we look for short term financing as it turns into greater things throughout life. Support is the foundation of any great person, place, or thing, and short term financing can be just the support one needs to change the world. With this kind of support it is my goal to make a change and be a support to the next up and coming great mind.

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