National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy Nickara Smith

Living can be defined as a snap shot that describes what is done by an individual from one moment to the next. What makes those snap shots worth anything though, is what we have done in each one of them and how we impacted the lives of other by doing so. It is true what they say “money makes the world go round,” but what it should really say is those with the money, makes the world go round.” But have you ever stopped to ask what kind of people are those who are snatching at the money with the “get what you can, while you can” attitude? Money opens doors and presents an array of what may have at one time seemed out of reach opportunities. Short-term financing is one means of an opportunity to do what once seemed unattainable.

For some like myself that come from a single parent background, short-term financing allows for an education to be received by someone who may not have been able to have one without adequate financial support. I sincerely enjoy my opportunity to receive an education and am thankful every day for the ability to do so. I live by the personal philosophy that nothing is given to you and everything you get in this life, or the next, must be earned. I hear people say all the time what they could have or would have done with their lives if only they had the opportunity to do so. Personally I think some opportunities have to be seized rather than waited on to present themselves in plain sight. Regret is one of the biggest hindrances to the happiness of mankind today and I have no desire to lumped in with that large number.

Short-term financing will give me the opportunity to avoid just that. My education is my ticket to a bright future as it can be for any other person willing to utilize it to the full. But this does not have to just be so with only education. With other individuals short-term financing can give them the means to keep their home out of foreclosure or even feed their families for that day. “Money does make the world go round, but does it do the same for those who don’t have it? Absolutely not. Their world is stuck in a financial standstill and a short-term financing opportunity may be just what they need to get things spinning again. Life has a way of dealing some people a rougher lot than others, but that doesn’t mean that is an excuse to give up. The world is both wide and vast and to assume there is nothing else that can be done to move forward would be a complete loss. Life is all about making each and every snap shot count. There’s a Latin expression that goes Carpe Diem, meaning seize the day.”

A day should not go by where one is left to feel they didn’t do all they could to be a better person not only for the now, but also for the future. Tomorrow is never as far away as we think and preparing for it displays the willingness to accept it along with all that it may bring. Short-term financing may seem like to some taking the easy way out by asking for help, but I rather take the easy way than no way at all. At least this way I am not only trying to do better in life, I am also trying to be better.This way I am making each one of my individual snap shots mean something.

Short-term financing is not the way for everyone to make something of themselves, but it will be an opportunity for me to seize a better tomorrow for myself and my family. Financial stability is still a form a security and I will take any form of security I can to live a better today while ensuring a better tomorrow for those whom I love most…..My family. There is no greater gift than that and I will do all I can as person and human being to protect and provide for them by any means necessary.

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