National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Darina Dinov

Short term financing can benefit a person’s life by providing them with a means to a future that would not be possible otherwise. With the money students earn from short term financing such as scholarships they will be able to gain a future that might have otherwise been impossible. Every day students are unable to achieve their end goal or to attend the school they would like because of money issues. With short term financing these students will be able to achieve a means for the future that would otherwise not have been possible. Short term financing provide a hope for the students it gives us, the students, a chance to attend college, even chose a major we otherwise would have not in fear of money issues later in life. So, with short term financing students will be provided many other opportunities that otherwise would have been unable to be achieved or thought of because of a bump in the road.

Financing through scholarships will provide us, a generation of students for the future, a means to change the world for the better through the knowledge we gain in college. Therefore, short term financing will not only help improve the lives of the students it is provided for, but indirectly affect their family and people around them. With such a simple task people can change the life of a student and therefore be affecting the lives of the people that student will change. Short term financing, or scholarships, are a means for a future for students that are striving to achieve their end goal.

If I were to get this scholarship, this would provide me with money that will help me reach my end career goal, which is to become a doctor. Thus, I need this money in order to help pay for my undergraduate degree so I can pay for my medical schooling. The money from this scholarship could provide me, the future of this country, a means to achieve my dream and help people along the way. With the money provided by this scholarship I believe I will be able to change many people’s lives through the course of my actions as a doctor and even more importantly as a human being. Every person deserves a chance to achieve their dreams with this money I will be able to be helped along the way to achieve this goal.

Short-term financing for me would not provide a future that otherwise would be impossible, because I have student loans, but would provide me a future that would be kinder to me in terms of my debt. Becoming a doctor my goal, not dream but goal in life and the money from this short term financing will not only affect me but indirectly affect everyone I help through my medical career and life because with this money I was able to achieve my goal. Goals firstly must be achieved by the person themselves but no one achieves anything without the help of another. Just as in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell people do not only become outliers because of their intelligence they become outliers because of the opportunities they are given. With the opportunities people are provided they become the people of the future and change the world.

With short term financing I will be able to become an outlier and achieve an extraordinary goal of becoming a doctor and touching/ changing the lives of people that will need my help all of this received from the amount of money I will be given from this short-term financing or scholarship. Therefore, I too will become an outlier. Just as the people of the past, present, and future I will be provided an opportunity that will help me achieve my end goal. Short term financing will change my life and provide a means for a future that otherwise would not have been possible.

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