National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Cindy Montez

Short-term financing can help at some of the most desperate times in a person’s life. I myself have had a few unexpected crisis where short-term financing would have been a big blessing and could have at least taking the financial stress off of me, at the time so that I could have had that burden lifted off of me. When you are in a life or death crisis with your child, you should not have to worry about money. I was blessed with a beautiful little girl, who was the light of my life. At the time you might say she was my whole world because when this happened I was a young single mom that was working hard to make sure that her daughter was going to have the best life possible and I was doing pretty good accomplishing that even though it was hard.

I worked and made sure she never did without, we had our own apartment, I had a little car that got us where we needed to go although it didn’t have air conditioner or a radio. My daughter had her own your own room which I had decorated for her and of course it was supplied with everything she needed down to a toy box filled with toys. Although I was making ends meet, and sometimes had to do extra things to make money such as making different crafts and selling them for extra stuff like at Christmas time or her birthday. For the most part, even though it wasn’t easy things were good.

My baby girl was my little partner; it was her and I against the world. I could not believe this beautiful, energetic, smart little person was my little baby girl that was a blessing from heaven, every time I looked at her, she gave me strength and inspiration to keep going no matter what until one morning my world came crashing down around me. I got up to get ready to go to work as I did every morning then I would get my daughter up and get her ready to go to the babysitters. As I was getting ready this weird feeling came over me, I can’t really explain what it was but I just knew that I needed to check on my baby.

When I went in her room and looked in the crib she had turned blue and was not breathing, I couldn’t call 911 because I didn’t have a phone. I guess instinct kicked in because I started doing CPR on her, and by the Grace of God she started breathing I got her and went next door to use the phone to call 911. She ended up in Tampa General Hospital in pediatrics ICU. They did all kinds of test and of course I would not leave my babies side, she was there for two weeks. While I was there, watching my baby girl fight for her life because she would stop breathing so many times during the night, I lost my job. So here I was in Tampa which was a long ways from where we lived, living in fear taking every breathe with her wondering if it was going to be her last now on top of that I had no money ,and no job to go back to. I had no idea what we were going to do and really it didn’t even matter because all I wanted was for my baby girl that I loved so desperately to be ok.

Finally after 2 weeks they said that she had sudden infant death syndrome which is when the infant just stops breathing. They said that she would have to be on these monitors every time she was sleeping so if she stopped breathing that an alarm would go off and I would know and that she would grow out of it. Well I was horrified at the thought that this could happen again, what if I couldn’t revive her? Some babies die from this. I was so worried and stressed out, and then there was the worry of how am I going to pay my bills , even if I hadn’t lost my job there is no way I would have left my baby knowing that this could happen and what if the person watching her didn’t get to her in time or something. Although, at the time my family didn’t have a lot either but they were there for us and helped me get through this and thank God my daughter out grew it, but if I could have gotten shot-term financing at that time to help with my bills and necessities until my baby was ok until I could get another job it would have been a big blessing because At least money would not have been something else I had to worry about, when the only thing that mattered was my baby being ok.

I am very happy to say that now my daughter is 24 years old, her father and I have been married for 23yrs and we were blessed with another daughter that is 19. Now my kids are grown I am in college trying to get my degree, because I was laid off of my job a year ago and have applied for many jobs and haven’t been able to get one do to the economy and every one needing a job. This scholarship would go a long way helping me finish my degree, and fulfilling my dream of having a good paying stable job without having accumulated a lot of debt. Please take a few minutes and vote for me.

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