National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Megan Murray

In today’s world, there are certainly no guarantees, especially with the current state of the United States’ economy. People are hesitant to purchase a car, house, or start a business. Middle and working class Americans find their jobs being threatened or even worse, lost. They find themselves not only failing to afford luxuries, but barely making ends meet. People who once lived the American dream are reminiscing on what they once had while they wait in the unemployment line. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, we often hear stories of people growing up poor and making it big.Unfortunately, the chances of that happening grow slimmer as it proves more and more difficult to find and secure a job with a decent salary and benefits.

I watched my father work his way up at a company where he began in an entry level level position. However, I’m well aware that the chances of even keeping an entry level job for a long period of time , are essentially obsolete especially without any sort of training. I believe that now, more than ever short term financing is imperative. Many community colleges offer various degree and certificate programs. Unfortunately, the financial burden of even community college is too much for most families to bear; individuals find themselves in a paradox . They can go to school, but their family will suffer the financial burden that goes with it. This is when one may normally lose hope, but fortunately this is America!

Short term loans can benefit ones life by allowing them to fund their education , without a huge financial burden. They can continue to work their jobs without having to pick up even more hours, and focus on their career path. And when said individual finishes their certificate program, they are much more likely to land a better job and create a better life for their family.If a family can’t make a payment on their house, they may consider utilizing short term financing in order to make the payment that prevents their house from being foreclosed. This could make all the difference in the world. Interest on credit cards has sky rocketed, sometimes taking out a short term loan in order to consolidate credit card debt, or pay it all off may be less costly to consumers. This can leave money for more important things, or even just to put into savings.

Even for families who don’t struggle with finding and securing jobs, short term financing can provide temporary relief for any financial binds they may be in. For example , let’s say the family car breaks down and repairs are extremely costly, as they often are. There is no room for repairs between food and bills, but you need the car in order to get to work. This is a great opportunity for short term financing. It sounds simple, but this could save someone’s job.

In conclusion, short term financing is beneficial for so any reasons I’ve heard life being defined as “what happens when you’re making other plans.” And although for us regular people, we can not always foresee unfortunate circumstances , how we react can make all the difference. All the above examples are all possibilities of what can happen with the same solution. Short term financing allows for versatility and for people to put the money to the things in their life that really matter.Short term financing can change and benefit lives for the better whether it’s, education, transportation, or keeping a home, short term financing grants us the ability to keep our dreams alive without imposing a huge financial burdenThis is crucial for everyday families trying to keep up with the economy.

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