National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Alexander Hayes

“Oh hey, here’s $10,000; go buy yourself something nice.” “Awww REALLY? This is so cool! Thank you so much man!” “…Just pay me back in about two years,” and he coughs, “pLUs INterEST!” Money just is not important anymore, is it? If we want an object we cannot afford, we just buy it and charge it on our credit cards to pay it off later. I have always said I do not believe in money; and then everyone always turns their puzzled heads around and look at me, and I can see in their eyes how ignorant they think I am. They argue against me: “You can’t buy anything without money! It doesn’t just grow on trees!” And then I say, “Then go tell that to the Federal Reserve!” (which is always my favorite response). The arguing goes on. Being just a “child” at 18 years old, nobody respects me enough to listen to my opinion; they are always downright cantankerous the moment I speak out a new idea. Of course I continue to dwell on my opinion, because everyone else is just… wrong! (Just kidding!)

Presently, all money is today is just a hurdle. When a runner encounters a hurdle in track, they must use a little more effort to jump over them. Yes, they may take a couple seconds longer than the sprinters in the distance-equivalent dashes, but they all eventually reach the finish line. I think this is a great parable to the modern world of financial management. What short-term financing does is give us access to almost anything we want. Of course, I will admit that sometimes people get carried away with this idea and spend more than they are able to pay back in minimum payments; that’s when they get in trouble. However, for a man who closely watches his spending, he can easily get that car that costs just a little more over his savings, plus that beautiful HDTV, plus that extra pound of winter truffles at the grocery store.

As I have been trying to figure out how I will ever be able to pay-off my college fees, I realized I am almost forced to take out a loan. The demand has become so high and universities can only teach so many people! Because the demand for college goes up, and the supply for students only slowly increases, the price for a university tuition increases dramatically. In the past, if someone could not afford college they would simply take a student loan out from the bank and they would be able to pay it off no problem. Because of that, tuition costs have increased even more!

On Youtube there is a video called “College Conspiracy.” It is a very interesting video about the negatives of going to college. There is a short documentary of a doctor who went to college and medical school, and now she is stuck with so much debt she cannot even possibly pay it back, since most of the money earned from her practice must be spent for malpractice insurance. This is a scenario where people will tell me, “A-HA! I told you money is important!” Well for what? The doctor still got her education, and that is what she borrowed for. That money was put forward for an investment, but unfortunately the investment was not successful.

Spending is not equivalent to receiving. When credit is abused, then the right to “get anything you want” is seized. Money could be an object and it could be the determining factor for your societal life. People walk by the homeless on the streets and pass by with their snooty strut, which is ironic because sometimes those people are the ones hanging by a thread in their own finances. The thieves out there reading my essay from a stolen computer know exactly what I am talking about, since they believe that when there is a will, there is always a way. They do not see money as even a hurdle because they can directly get something without the middleman bank in the way. By buying, borrowing, or boosting, you can get it!

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