8034168843_c43c919fb0_zPayday loans represent the spirit of America.

American Independence

American Free Enterprise

American Equality

The government regularly decides who gets to keep money and who doesn’t, and who is entitled to freedom and who isn’t.

What the private lending industry – payday lenders and title lenders – does, is level that playing field and provide financial options for those Americans who normally are not given such opportunities.

The Spirit of Innovation

America didn’t event money, and it didn’t invent loans. But we did invent payday loans.

Independent lenders based out of Kansas City created this new form of loan in the early 1980s. Not with a huge marketing push, or a series of ads. Nope, it was just a group of business owners who saw a need, and created a product to meet that need.

Banks and credit unions only work with certain parts of the populace. Other people – that is to say, a LOT of other people – are routinely turned away from these institutions.

These people, usually blue collar workers (who are the foundation of this great nation) have just as much right to having financial options. These Kansas City lenders saw that, and Payday Loans were born.

Over the decades, a few payday loan businesses turned into a few dozen, and then a few hundred, and then a few THOUSAND. And today, they are as commonly found as Starbucks or McDonalds.

Why? Because it’s a good idea. Because it’s a service America needs!

American dreamsEquality for All

How payday loans work is a pretty easy process: you are borrowing against your next paycheck.

“I need $200 for car repairs, but I don’t get paid for 2 weeks.”

“You can borrow the money now, and pay it back out of that check.”

It’s not like a mortgage where there are piles of paperwork bigger than phone books that need a notarized signature on every page, this is a streamlined process with only one requirement: that the borrower have a job.

Your paycheck is your collateral. That’s all you need for a payday loan.

  • Race? We don’t care
  • Gender? We don’t care
  • Sexual preference? We don’t care
  • Which bathroom to you use? We don’t care
  • Religion? We don’t care

Payday lenders embody the American spirit of equality for all. We are all Americans, we all deserve an equal chance for a slice of the pie.

So while a bank may not like your divorce from last year, or they may reject your application because you don’t own a car – payday lenders have a much more accepting view of people.

You work like we work. And we want to help you when you need it, it doesn’t matter who you are.

The Freedom To Choose Your Own Path

What makes America the greatest nation in the world is that our citizens are born with the right to pursue happiness – to decide what they want out of life, and to chase that dream however they see fit.

Not only do payday lenders personify that ideal themselves, they also help other people chase their own dreams.

And what could be more American than that?

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