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Are payday loans really a bad option when you need money fast?

Well, it’s really all about perspective.

How so? Well, let’s assume you didn’t get a payday loan, and hoped you could work your postdating-check-magic to work it all out. Might sound crazy, but it’s a reality.

I’ve done it.

You’ve done it.

That guy over there checking his cell phone? He’s done it.

Liam Neeson

So what’s the problem with that?
Same problem with kidnapping Liam Neeson’s hypothetical daughter.
It will find you. And it will kill you.

You will bounce a check. You will overdraft and the fees will CRUSH you.

So, writing bad checks is a bad plan. That’s where a payday loan can help. Money from a payday loan doesn’t bounce. because it’s money.


It’s Friday, and you get paid on Wednesday. You owe $100 to the mechanic for car repairs, but you’re not sure you’ll have enough to live on until Wednesday if you do.

Scenario 1. Writing a Bad Check.
You pay the mechanic with a $100 check, and tell yourself to not spend a lot over the weekend. Then, you ignore your good advice (as we all have done) and spend a lot on stuff on over the weekend. When everything clears on Tuesday morning, your $100 check cleared ok, but 4 things you bought on Sunday didn’t.

4 NSF fees means at least a hundred bucks down the drain.

Scenario 2. Payday Loan
You get a payday loan and pay the mechanic with the $100 loan money. You buy the same 4 things on Sunday. On Tuesday, all your checks cleared. On Wednesday, when your next paycheck hits, we get our money back. Everyone’s happy, and it only cost you 30 bucks.

Next time you’re about to write a check you’re not sure about,
think again. This time do it right.

National Payday. Money when you need it fast.


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