Customer Testimonials

National Payday does not suck! It was expensive, but got me the money I needed quickly and without the bull the bank gives you.

– Trish F.

With all the payday loan scams out there and predatory lending practices you hear about on the news, I honestly was afraid to take out a loan with National Payday. But I took a chance because I really needed to pay for a new tire and what a relief! Not only was it easy, it was safe! I got the money the next day and I’ve already paid it back in full. Next time I find myself in a bind, I am definitely coming back to National Payday.

– D. Stephen

Wow! I didn’t think you meant it when you said “same day cash” – I got the wire the same day and was able to pay my cell phone bill immediately.

– R. Clinton

I’m not the most responsible dude when it comes to money, I can admit it. So when it came down to selling my jet ski so I could pay my rent, I was not happy. Figured I’d get a cash advance and found National Payday on Google. Not too shabby. Got $400 right away and was able to scrape together the rest. Paid it off with two paychecks.

– Charlie B.

Oh my gosh! Your refer-a-friend program rules! I sent a couple of my buddies that special link you sent me and I got $200 in my pocket!

– David T.

Thanks for hanging on the phone with me while I found my verification email. I probably would have not found it and may have lost the chance to get the loan. I really need this. So thanks.

– Johnny M.

I know the application said you’d be calling to verify employment, but I really didn’t want anyone to know my business, especially my boss. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so discrete on the phone when you called me at work.

– W. Kelley

Thanks National for helping me out….

– Jason S.

Thank you very much for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. I wish I had known of your services in the past, because there were times that bills were due between paychecks, and I could not pay them. I ended up paying a late fee on bills, which was greater than the fee of $30 per $100 borrowed. This will resolve that problem, as well as allow me to take my wife out for Mother’s Day. Frankly, I was dreading that more than paying the bills a week late.

– JP Napsha

I want to thank you for being so understanding and working with me. I have never received such wonderful customer service! Your company should be proud.

– Nancy S.

Whew! What a weight that’s been lifted!

– J. Rodriguez

I love the online application. You guys must really know what you are doing to add a feature like that on your web site. I’m completely computer illiterate and even I could figure it out – without asking my grandson! Thanks.

– Y. Flores

This is the best thing since sliced bread!

– Toby L.

I am not one to be impressed by companies, but with the lack of customer service that most companies seem to embrace today, I am left with no other option then to say a warm thank you to your customer service for being so nice and courteous. Most loan companies seem to leave out all the important stuff that you need to know when taking out a cash advance, but not your customer service. Keep up the good work!

– J. Sterling

I have moved over the years to different states and found that know matter where I go, I was still able to get a payday loan at great rates from your company. Thanks for being there.

– P. Tickle

Just wanted to say thanks for the loan. It will come in handy. Your service is quick and easy and I appreciate that. Again Thanks.

– Lucia B.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, the loans I have received through you has really help me help my parents when they have needed it. So thank you very much and I really hope you all a great holiday season. Thank You.

– D. Cruz

My husband and I have just recently separated and we are living at my mom’s house, this will help with some last minute utilities bills that need to be paid on our old home.

– Heidi M.

Thanks for making the process so easy. : )

– Reshan J.

Thank you kindly for your quick response and great customer service.

– Jenny B.

I want to let you know that I really appreciate your quick response and explanation you provided. It is really nice to know there are companies out there who put customers first. I know this [message] does not provide me who specifically addressed my question but if it can be tracked I want to b ensured it’s forwarded to that employee’s supervisor as I am noting this type of service is outstanding. It’s nice to receive a response with an explanation and answer to my questions. THANKS TO THE EMPLOYEE whose response ensured me I was dealing with a company worth trusting. You’re the one of the thousands online companies that I could have gone with and I chose you. Thanks again!

– Mary R.

Thank you this process was painless and saved my a lot of hassle. THANK YOU!

– John G.

Thank you very much. You do not know how much of a blessing you have been. Bless you and your company. Have a wonderful weekend!!

– Sherry S.

Thank you so much you have just made me a lifetime customer. I will be sure to refer you to all my friends and family it is nice to know there are kind people in this world at such hard times!!

– Leslie L.

Thank You National! You guys really do a good service!

– Jason S.

Thank you sooooo much!! That truly lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders & I am so grateful.

– Amber B.

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