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Payday Loans and the American Dream

8034168843_c43c919fb0_zPayday loans represent the spirit of America.

American Independence

American Free Enterprise

American Equality

The government regularly decides who gets to keep money and who doesn’t, and who is entitled to freedom and who isn’t.

What the private lending industry – payday lenders and title lenders – does, is level that playing field and provide financial options for those Americans who normally are not given such opportunities. (more…)

Celebrating 16 Years of Serving You

16458320406_5867c3fc0e_zThere are hundreds of payday lenders online.

Hundreds of businesses that want to lend you money. They want your business.

But here is a simple question – how many of those lenders have been in business for 16 years? We couldn’t find any others.

Just us. (more…)

New Survey : What Do Borrowers Think about Payday Loans?

16250787068_ec35748a5b_zWith all the political debate raging on the matter of payday loans, there is one group that rarely – if ever – is asked for their opinion: the people who actually use payday loans. Bankers and politicians have their say, tv reporters, talking heads, and John Oliver voice their opinions… but what do the borrowers themselves feel about the product?

Two separate polls were conducted by two separate polling firms, one of which surveyed 1000 payday loan users from across the country, the second surveyed 1000 registered voters. The polls asked the same questions, and the results provided an interesting contrast in the feelings and attitudes between the two groups on the subject of payday loans. (more…)

The NPD Scholarship Competition: Returning Soon?

7658268052_13aaf66e0b_zEvery year our NPD Scholarship Competition gets bigger and more competitive. While the official start date for the 2016 Essay Competition has not been announced yet, the anticipation is already growing. This year will be larger and more spectacular than ever before! Thank you, one and all, for your support of this scholarship program. We here at National Payday are very proud to be able to offer it again this year, and we appreciate how many of you keep checking back to our website for news and updates. (more…)

Payday Lending: States Rights vs Federal Control

6058549330_b18c4baf94_zIt has always been a bit of a curiosity that payday loans – the only lifeline available to working class people the banks and credit card companies won’t help – are staunchly opposed by many Democrat politicians.

The Dems want to be the voice of the 99% right? They claim to represent the voiceless and make government help all Americans. But if that is the case, why fight against payday lenders so forcefully? These same politicians who fight private lending usually take great amounts of campaign contributions from large banks and financial institutions. And that is about as far away as “fighting for the little guy” as a politician can get!

So it is a major story when the news broke that Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat, FL) is co-sponsoring a Republican backed bill to delay the attack plan of the government agency the CFPB to put the payday loan industry out of commission. Some Dems are shocked at her actions, and are denouncing her decision… but perhaps the Florida Representative is actually fighting the good fight and standing up for her constituents. (more…)

The Student Loan / Payday Loan Connection

12741087104_b55ed9fdd8_zHave you heard the old expression “point one finger at me and the rest of them are point back at you”? There is much truth to that adage, and it has been strongly proven once again that the more loudly someone accuses another, the more likely it is that they are trying to shift the blame off of themselves.

Today’s topic is the surge of Millennials who use “alternative financing” such as payday loans, cash advances, and title loans. More than ever before, younger people are coming to rely on these loans.

But how can that be? Millennials tend to shy away from buying cars and homes, and are starting to turn away from using credit cards. So how can they have so few financial options? Why are they relying so heavily on payday loans? (more…)

Are Bad Credit Loans Different from Payday Loans?

16610023059_e95bc1d6c4_zWhat exactly is a Bad Credit loan?

If you have done any amount of web surfing in the last few months – and we know you have, because you’re doing it right now – you have no doubt heard the expression “bad credit loan.”

It’s no secret: although the term Bad Credit loan is fairly new, it is actually just a new name for an existing product. Payday loans, also known as cash advances or paycheck loans, have been around for decades. (more…)

Bilingual Payday Loans — Help for All Americans

4569102755_f2a9bb1041_zBehind English, Spanish is the most spoken language in America. There are over 45 million people in the United States that call Spanish their first or second language, and that isn’t even counting the additional 6 million who are learning the language.

There are more Spanish speakers here than in Spain or Columbia! In fact, only in Mexico will you find a higher number of people who speak Spanish.

Right now, approximately 13% of American residents speak Spanish. And this number is only going to grow.

And to all Spanish-speaking Americans we say Bienvenido a National Payday, donde se sirven las necesidades financieras de las personas que trabajan duro todos los días.” (more…)

5 Ways Our Payday Loans Beat the Big Banks

6757879327_0c50f9f6a8_zNational Payday offers a premium service – our payday loans are the easiest, fastest, and most competitive in the country. We cater our business to the hard working men and women who the big banks don’t take care of, and we do it by offering a superior product.

So, what exactly is it that makes our loans better than the big banks?

No Credit Check

Our loans are designed for people who need some quick cash to hold them over until their next payday. And so, our requirements are very simple: do you have a regular paycheck coming in? (weekly, monthly, etc)

Do you have an active bank account that we can wire money directly into?

Once we verify those two things, you are approved and can expect your money almost instantly. (more…)

Banks Overcharge with Overdrafts, How Can Payday Loans Help?

5412081717_754ac187cd_zYou know that overdraft fees are a big hassle. Of course! Everyone knows that. When you have no money, the bank lets you spend money you don’t have, and then charges you an extra fee on top of it: going over your checking by even one penny can cost you upwards of $50. It is, as we have documented here before, the biggest ongoing scam in America.

But here is what you might not know – the Big Banks are counting on your overdraft. They encourage it, they support it, they even re-structure their charges to maximize the number of fees you have to pay.

In other words, an overdraft fee isn’t just an inconvenience, it is a weapon used by the banks to rob you of every single dollar they can. (more…)