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CFPB Wages War on Payday Loans; Consumers Disagree

27039220713_d85b4e4e91_zThe federal war against payday loans has been dealt a very damaging blow. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the data collected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been made public. It shows that by a staggeringly wide margin, people who use payday loans are happy with payday loans.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the charges leveled by the CFPB are false. Consumers aren’t against these loans: the only people who don’t like them are bank executives! (more…)

The BIG Advantage of Payday Loans

27039224093_244450a86e_zPayday loans offer a significant advantage that no other lending institution can match. But any Google search involving the word “payday” will bring back several thousand hits for blogs decrying how awful they are. Google has in fact restructured its algorithm to highlight attack pieces of the private loan industry, and bury anything positive people have to say about it.

This blog, as well, will be prejudicially buried, because it aims to inform you of the many ways payday loans can help you.

But why? What are the Powers That Be so afraid of?

Is it because payday loans are a dependable source of fast cash for millions of Americans every year? Is it because the Big Banks don’t like competition? Or is it because these loans are really the greatest evil in the country today? (more…)

Gold Medal Athletes & Gold Medal Loans

6795882180_90209753fe_zLike everyone else around the world, we are obsessed with the Olympic Games! The glory, the honor, the sportsmanship – the greatest physical specimens our planet has to offer all chasing the coveted gold medal.

National Payday is the gold medal of online loans, but just like these Olympians we never stop striving to be even better. But why don’t we set business aside for a moment and focus on the Games!

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio marks the 29th Olympic games. By contrast, there have been 22 Winter Olympic games. (more…)

How to Find the Best Payday Loan for You

15607697348_24aa94f41d_zEven those that follow their budgets to the letter may sometimes find themselves in an emergency situation. It’s a very stressful position to be in, and if you need fast financial relief you may find yourself searching for the best payday loan to help you get through the emergency

There are a large number of cash advance lenders available today, each of which offers clients access to different options and programs in order to help them meet their financial needs.

It’s tempting to just go with the first payday lender that you find, but be sure to check out at least three different ones before making a choice. One should always compare rates, fees, and the amount that can be advanced. (more…)

5 Simple Rules for Never Needing a Payday Loan

12816080064_ee527c3da6_zEmergency fund: something easier said that done. We all know that we need to have at least six months to a year’s worth of salary saved up in the savings kitty, should the unexpected like a job loss or illness happen. No matter how important we know a healthy savings balance is for the welfare of our family, many tend to avoid this requirement simply because they either think they will never need it, or just because they think they cannot possibly afford to save.

But the emergency fund is more than just savings, it’s a safety net to catch you when you fall. When you don’t have a safety net and you are falling, those are the times you reach out and grab a payday loan. When you need quick cash to deal with problems, a payday loan is really your only choice… unless you have an emergency fund!

Here are 5 easy tips to help you build that fund. With a secure safety net, you will never need to rely on a payday loan. (more…)

PaydayLoans are Dependable Emergency Cash

4930276154_5351421904_zPaydayloans are certainly not an answer to the world’s financial woes. But they are great for helping people that need just a little bit of extra cash to last them until payday. With the cost of so many different goods and services on the rise, it is likely that more and more people will turn to these types of loans in order to make ends meet on those months where extra expenditures crop up. It is wonderful that this option exists to help those in desperate times. (more…)

4 Ways Payday Loans Keep America Strong

11286659155_bf61ce1e8f_zPayday loans, regardless of what cock and bull story the Federal Government is spewing, are a good thing. Payday loans, like other kinds of independent lending, are good for the economy. They help people that no other financial institution will help. They provide a service no one else does.

This isn’t just mindless blogging – this is a factual statement.

The government claims they are “helping the citizens” by trying to outlaw private lending. But here are four simple facts that prove otherwise: (more…)

Payday Restrictions Target Small Business Owners

2898686447_29a1d676e5_zWho is the CFPB really working for?

The Consumer Federal Protection Bureau is an arm of the Federal government, and claims to be an advocate for American consumers. It claims to want to protect those of us who need it most, from financial predators who seek to fleece them. It claims to be working towards a more stable economy.

But in actuality, none of this is true.

The CFPB is nothing more than an extension of Big Business, working in conjunction with the government to change the laws in a way to drive small business owners out of the market. (more…)

The Other Side of Payday Loan Propaganda

5041329333_3c2d1ed87f_zThis week ABC News posted a troubling story about a retired Marine who was locked into a payday loan cycle of debt. Reportedly, he spent 5 years repaying $50,000 for $2500 worth of loans.

Scandalous! Yes.

Shocking! Yes.

Legit? Possibly, but not for sure. The actual story may be different from the news story. (more…)

The Loan Blog Google Doesn’t Want you to Read

2560882190_c00d4483ce_oQuick, bookmark this site! Hurry hurry, Google is mad and about to ban us! We are not going out of business nor are we moving. We will be right here, where we have been for over a decade.

But Google has decided that businesses like this one – independent lenders who serve the hard working Americans the banks don’t like to deal with – need to be suppressed.

Is this because the massive company is complying with new guidelines put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)?

Or is it because Google itself backs its own private lender, and doesn’t really enjoy free market competition? (more…)