National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy: Rebekah Glover

Short term financing can benefit a person’s life because it allows that person to get back on their feet. Family problems occur all of the time around the world. There are dysfunctional families, which cause students to struggle with school and in life.  Students could end up on their own, like many students at Fort Walton Beach High School do because their parents have abandoned them. How can an average high school student survive on their own, trying to support themselves with food, a house, a car, and even get to college? Everyone wants to be successful, and college is expensive, so without money, there is no college for some students. Financial aid for a short period of time will help most students get back on their feet so that they can support themselves and afford to get a college education.

Short term financing is used everyday when loans are given to couples who are trying to buy a house or car, so short term financing should be able to be used on students who are in dire need of it. This financing can benefit a person’s entire life due to the fact that it will help them get an education and become successful in the world and in their own life. College is something that everyone wants to go through if they want to be successful. People want to be successful, and it is not their fault if they have had a hard dysfunctional life, so it is only the right thing to do to aid them financially to become great in today’s society.  The only thing greater than being successful is being proud that you are successful.

This financial aid will give these students a sense of pride in them selves to know that they completed a very difficult task of going and succeeding through college. But the only way this can happen for many people is to have some financial aid because of the lack of money available to them already. I believe that the financial aid that students ask for is asked for because of the need for it. If students did not need it, they wouldn’t apply for the grant or scholarship to provide them financial aid.

Financial aid will definitely benefit someone’s life just due to the fact that these students need it. If they just wanted some extra money, it would be hard for them to pay it back eventually, but the students that know that they have to pay it back that need it temporarily, will work hard to pay the money back. The students who have gone through major trials and tribulations and defeat in their lives that need financial backing, are the ones who are deserving of the financial aid because of the need. It will contribute to their lives in a way that you couldn’t imagine. This impact on their lives helps them get started in the real world and become successful as people.

Short-term financial aid allows a person to be who they want to be and not just who they were forced to be.  These students in need were forced to be adults in high school, before the “real world” started because of problems at home. They are given the opportunity to be who they want to be in college and in the “real world”, but with the ability to go to college and to get a job and become successful. Financial aid, ever short term financial aid, gives students the benefit of the doubt, and allows them to become the most successful that they can be and this impacts their life greatly.

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