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If you need cash to cover your expenses fast, cash advances with direct deposits from an online lender like National Payday are just what you need. At National Payday, we offer our customers a completely-online application experience, making it quick and easy to get the cash you need.

Not only that, we deposit your cash via direct deposit, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with cash or a check. Read on and learn more about how to get cash advances from National Payday.

What Is a Direct Deposit and How Does It Work?

If your job pays you through direct deposit, then you already know how it works! A direct deposit is also sometimes called an “ACH” transfer.

Instead of a physical check being mailed to you, direct deposit cuts out the middle-man. You provide your bank account and routing number, and then your money is deposited directly into your account. It’s just that easy.

Online lenders usually offer cash advances with direct deposits because this is the fastest, most secure way to deposit your funds, especially compared to other methods like mailing you a check. 

What Do I Need to Get Cash Advances with Direct Deposits from National Payday?

The most important thing we need from you is your bank account information. We can only deposit our cash advances to open, active checking (not savings) accounts. To get your cash deposit, your account must be free of overdrafts, holds, and any other issues.

Beyond this, you must also be able to verify that you are a legal U.S. resident over the age of 18, as we cannot lend to non-residents or minors. You must also prove that you are employed and/or have some kind of monthly income. We will not lend to borrowers who have no income and may not be able to repay their cash advances.

How Can I Get Same-Day Cash Advances with Direct Deposits at National Payday?

If you’re interested in same-day cash advances with direct deposits, you’re in the right place. When our same-day cash program is running, you can get your cash deposited in your account by the end of the day!

However, to qualify, your application must be sent in and approved by 11:50 AM ET. If your application is approved after this, your funds will be deposited by the end of the next business day. So, if you need cash fast, do your best to apply as early as you can!

How Can I Get Same-Day Cash Advances with Direct Deposits at National Payday?

At National Payday, we make it easy for you to get the cash you need. So, don’t wait. Get a cash advance now – apply on our website now! It takes only a few minutes, and you could get the cash you need in just a single day.


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