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Loans Millennials Want are Fast and Easy

payday loans millennials The Millennial generation is different from any that have come before it. They are virtually immune to advertising. They prize speed and efficiency more than brand loyalty. This is includes loans millennials want their money fast, they want it now, and they will not wait. (more…)

Best Payday Loans Online

payday loans online

Pay day loans online are the most readily available source of fast cash you can find. Anyone who needs to get a little extra money for personal purposes can apply quickly, with no questions asked! Best of all, you can apply for the loan, sign the contract, and make all of your payments entirely online. (more…)

Best Alternatives to Payday Loans

alternatives payday loansConsidering a payday loan or cash advance? If you need a quick, reliable source of emergency cash, getting a cash advance or payday loan online may be the best option for you, particularly if you don’t have a good credit score.

But it’s not your only option. In this article, we’ll discuss your top alternatives to payday loans. Read on and see what options you have for short-term cash!

1. Turn to Your Savings

Ideally, you will have a “rainy day fund” with some extra money for unexpected expenses. This is one of the most important things you can do for your personal finances. It ensures that you avoid loan fees and gives you a bit more financial freedom.

But it’s not easy to save up, especially if you have kids, debt and other costs, so you may find that you don’t have enough in your savings. Unfortunately, only 39% of Americans can cover the costs of a $1,000 emergency out-of-pocket. So, what other options do you have?

2. Take out a Cash Advance Against Your Credit Card

You may be able to pay for some things, like a car repair or a medical bill, by using a credit card. Then, when you have more cash later on, you can pay down your debt. If you have an expense that requires you to pay in cash, you can take out a cash advance on your card.

Just be aware of the interest that you’ll have to pay on credit card debt – it adds up quickly, especially if you’re only making minimum monthly payments! Don’t have a credit card? Here are some other options.

3. Talk Directly to Your Creditor and Set up a Payment Plan

In many cases, you can negotiate a debt repayment plan directly with a hospital, an auto repair shop, or another such company to which you owe money. This allows you to break your debt into smaller, more manageable sums. 

4. Ask Friends and Family for a Loan

If you’ve had no luck with the other above options, you can consider asking friends and family for money. However, money and healthy relationships don’t mix. If you can’t repay, or you run into other financial difficulties, you could potentially damage or ruin your relationship with a family member. 

5. Consider Other Loan Alternatives

If you have reasonably good credit, you could take out an loan from a bank. If you own a home, a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) will allow you to borrow against your home’s equity. If you have a 401(k)-retirement account, you could take out a 401(k) loan to cover your expenses. However, many of these options may not be available to you, especially if you’re already having trouble making ends meet.

Another option is to get a title loan on your car. You can use the equity in your vehicle as collateral for a loan, which may help you get a better rate, compared to a payday loan. To do this, however, you must own your car outright, and not owe any more money to the bank or lender.

Understand the Best Alternatives to Payday Loans – Are They Right for You?

If you need quick cash, a payday loan from an online lender like National Payday is often your best option. You can get the cash you need without collateral or a traditional credit check, cover your expenses, and get back to your normal, day-to-day life quickly.

However, all of these alternatives to payday loans are a reasonable choice, if they’re available to you. Most of the time, they’ll take longer to apply for and receive, but they could be right for your particular financial situation. So, explore your options, pick the one that’s right for you, and get the cash you need to get your finances back on track.

The BIG Advantage of Payday Loans

advantage payday loansPayday loans offer a significant advantage that no other lending institution can match. But any Google search involving the word “payday” will bring back several thousand hits for blogs decrying how awful they are. Google has in fact restructured its algorithm to highlight attack pieces of the private loan industry, and bury anything positive people have to say about it.

This blog, as well, will be prejudicially buried, because it aims to inform you of the many ways payday loans can help you.

But why? What are the Powers That Be so afraid of?

Is it because payday loans are a dependable source of fast cash for millions of Americans every year? Is it because the Big Banks don’t like competition? Or is it because these loans are really the greatest evil in the country today? (more…)

How to Find the Best Payday Loan for You

15607697348_24aa94f41d_zEven those that follow their budgets to the letter may sometimes find themselves in an emergency situation. It’s a very stressful position to be in, and if you need fast financial relief you may find yourself searching for the best payday loan to help you get through the emergency

There are a large number of cash advance lenders available today, each of which offers clients access to different options and programs in order to help them meet their financial needs.

It’s tempting to just go with the first payday lender that you find, but be sure to check out at least three different ones before making a choice. One should always compare rates, fees, and the amount that can be advanced. (more…)

5 Ways Our Payday Loans Beat the Big Banks

6757879327_0c50f9f6a8_zNational Payday offers a premium service – our payday loans are the easiest, fastest, and most competitive in the country. We cater our business to the hard working men and women who the big banks don’t take care of, and we do it by offering a superior product.

So, what exactly is it that makes our loans better than the big banks?

No Fax Loans

Our loans are designed for people who need some quick cash to hold them over until their next payday. And so, our requirements are very simple: do you have a regular paycheck coming in? (weekly, monthly, etc)

Do you have an active bank account that we can wire money directly into?

Once we verify those two things, you are approved and can expect your money almost instantly. (more…)

How Will the New Payday Loan Rules Effect Consumers?

6059832534_04e9456b65_zThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently made public its recommendations for the overhaul of the short term lending industry. It’s one of the strongest attempts to require federal regulation of payday lending, but what does that mean to the people who lean on these loans to get by? (more…)

New Research : Payday Loans Benefit Your Credit Score

5537894072_c4e46bfce1_zAlthough the mainstream financial industry would like you to believe payday loans are harmful, new research indicates just the opposite : payday loans can actually improve your credit score. And that’s not all…

A new statistical research study about how payday loans affect the financial well being of borrowers has been released, and is making some waves with its surprising results. According to researcher Jennifer Lewis Priestly (a professor of applied statistics and data science at Kennesaw State University) these oft-criticized loans aimed at lower income individuals are not as damaging as we have been lead to believe.

They can even have a positive impact on the borrowers credit score.


The Paperless Payday Loan: Fast, Easy, and Green

3821492016_50c68ae734_oAnyone who has ever applied for a loan… no, strike that – anyone who has ever applied for ANYTHING knows how much a timesuck the application process can be. It’s almost as bad as that paperwork they give you to fill out in the doctor’s waiting room.

Fill this out, fill that out, provide a copy of this, provide the original of that, submit a pay stub (maybe even two pay stubs), and then give up the contact information for all your friends and family. And that’s the short-form version of the application process!

No matter if it was for a loan, a credit card, or a bank account, applying for anything in the financial field is usually a nightmare. And so it is particularly surprising when someone simplifies that process, and finds a way to make it quicker, more efficient, and paperless. (more…)

The Many Faces of Loan Debt: How Do Payday Loans Compare?

6503008579_86ced1c88a_zThe Chicken Littles of the world seem to all be working for the media. Over the last few months, most people have become inured to the constant headlines decrying to imminent arrival of one loan debt disaster or another.

Student loans are at an epidemic level, threatening the entire economy. Auto loans are being offered to subprime borrowers again, indicating that the “bubble” could pop and destroy the US auto industry. Credit card debt is starting to climb once more. And payday lending is at an all-time high, leading several celebrities to speak out against them.

Is the sky really falling? Of course not. Panic and fear are merely marketing tools, used by online entities to get traffic. Since many people are so deeply concerned about the economy, they use hyperbole and exaggeration to generate interest. (more…)