National Payday Scholarship 2012 Official Entry SealBy : Lesley Ngwe Neh

It becomes very difficult to appreciate or feel the importance or impact of something in our lives when it can’t be compared to the importance or impact another thing will cause in our lives.It is easier to feel the importance of something when compared to another thing.Its like somebody crying he has no shoes and thinks the world is coming to an end for him until one day, he meets someone with no legs and can’t even walk.It is then that he forgets his shoe problems and appreciates the importance and impacts of his legs.If you haven’t been in a desperate, frustrated, needy or painful situation, you won’t really be able to appreciate or feel the importance and impact of short-term financing in someone’s life.

Coming from an underdeveloped country and now living in a developed country, I can say without blinking my eyes that I can effectively point out the benefits of short-term financing.Can you imagine how painful it is when you know there are schools, but you know you will never get an education because you can’t pay for it?, that there are hospitals and pharmacies, but you or a loved one will die of an illness because you can’t afford to pay medical bills or buy medications? that there are grocery stores, but you will starve to death because you don’t have the money to buy food? that you will never realize your dreams because you don’t have the money?

Yes, it sounds too extreme but that’s the reality in most poor countries like mine, where the dreams of many only turn into fairy tales because they can’t afford it.This leads to desperation and frustration as many lose hope and give up. While others go to the point of even taking their lives as they find life not worth living anymore, others turn to crime, creating an unsecured atmosphere in the society.All these because facilities like short-term financing are not available.

I am one of the lucky few to get out of there and today I am pursuing my dreams because I now live in a society where these facilities are available.Short-term financing opened to me a door of life time opportunities. Because of short-term financing, I was able to go to school.I made sure I studied very hard so that I could grab as many scholarships as I could.Also because of short-term financing, I was able to pay my bills and buy my books when my paycheck couldn’t cover the expenses.

If not of short-term financing, I would have never been where I am today and my dreams like the unfortunate ones back in my country of origin will only turn into fairy tales. But today I can see my dreams coming to a reality. I will never seize to be grateful for such a facility in this society.I fervently pray that someday, I will be able to give a helping hand to my country so that facilities such as short-term financing can be established, making the country a better place for everyone especially the youths in that society.

Also, in a society like this where your credit history is a very important asset in your life, short-term financing is a very good way of building credit. Having a good credit history will go a very long way to save you from future financial hardship.I will encourage people to always take advantage of short-term financing because it goes a very long way to improve on the standards of living of an individual, a household, a community and the society as a whole.Never give up because you don’t have money or because you are on a fix.That’s why such facilities were created, to help us out during those times we can’t rely on our paychecks entirely.Don’t destroy or put a hold on a good future because you are avoiding short-term financing.The secret is making the best you can out of it.No money is ever to small as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

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